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ISBN-10: 1466214651

(Paperback and Kindle.) A reluctant crime boss encounters a violent power grab and a sudden upheaval. Experience his underworld of creation myths, thrilling highs, crushing lows and the spirituality of the Land of Enchantment.

ISBN-10: 14664326085

(Paperback and Kindle.) A new casino affords a playboy the luxury of a Tudor mansion. Follow him from the sixties to the nineties, through an array of San Francisco characters, in the midst of dark suspense and occult paranormal.

Psychopomp Halloween Special 2013


(Featuring Chad Schimke's short story entitled 'Hallowseve'.) On Halloween, a babysitter faces the choice of life or death, after watching a montage of her own existence

Psychopomp Christmas Special 2013


(Featuring Chad Schimke's short story entitled 'Midwinter'.) During the winter solstice, a Teryn stands on the shoulders of his ancestors as he is locked in fierce battle, on the Salisbury Plain near Stonehenge. 

Weirder (Novelette)


A young magician joins a bearded lady’s carnival to become an apprentice. The mettle of each sideshow freak is tested along the way, leading to a conclusion that compels fright and horror.

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